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About Apothecary Wellness

Apothecary Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Spa located in the heart of the charming Federal Hill neighborhood. Apothecary Wellness was created as a result of a collaboration between Rachel Costello and Christine Cochrum who envisioned a relaxed but professional environment for people to receive quality, state certified massage therapy and organic skin care treatments. The focus is on working with the client as opposed to working on the client.

Apothecary Wellness is unmatched in providing therapeutic body treatments and results-oriented skin care in an eco-friendly, client-driven spa environment. Through our customized treatments including therapeutic massage, organic skincare, and pre- and post-natal services, we are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to calm your body and mind, renew your spirit and nurture your innate, natural beauty without exposure to harsh chemicals and invasive procedures practiced by other, more traditional spa service providers.

We are first and foremost your Wellness Spa, our goal is to provide a balance against the stress of daily life to compliment the body's natural healing ability.

Our Philosophy

Most of us have experienced treatments at a traditional spa that were not as effective as promised or you felt rushed to get in and out. Some of use have gone the more clinical route, in turn having an unpleasant experience under the fluorescent lights of a noisy and cold clinic or office. Neither one is a satisfying or memorable experience.

We believe that receiving any treatment at a spa weather it's a massage, facial or waxing,  should be a pampering and relaxing experience as well as providing the results that you are looking for. All treatments offered at Apothecary Wellness accomplish both relaxation AND results, and we pride ourselves on this fact. This is what sets Apothecary Wellness apart from most skin care clinics and day spas.

Our wellness spa is a cozy space with a comfortable lounge area, perfect for sipping tea, perusing a magazine or book or quietly chatting with friends. You will never feel rushed or hurried, as we schedule ample time in between clients in order to discuss home care and create that personal connection we are so proud to have with our clients.

We are also dedicated to offering education about home/self care, to extend those results you receive here at our spa. Our therapists and estheticians are highly skilled and educated and collectively have a wealth of knowledge to impart on all our clients. We take a real interest in your health and well-being.

Our Green Promise

We strive to use the most ecologically sound methods to treat and educate our clients while keeping pace with the newest trends emerging in the green and holistic lifestyle movement. We carefully select and use only the highest quality holistic and organic products, which contain little or no preservatives and no harsh chemicals.

Here are some of the ways Apothecary Wellness stays GREEN:

  • We use 100% organic cotton sheets and towels
  • All oils and lotions used in massage treatments are organic
  • All skin care products are holistic or organic and our make-up line is a completely natural mineral make-up line
  • Our spa has natural wood flooring and lots of natural light in the lobby
  • All our stationery and marketing materials are printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based ink
  • The water we serve is clean and filtered, and always served in reusable glasses
  • Our teas are all organic and/or fair trade
  • We've used low VOC paints, and energy-saving lighting and appliances
  • ALL cleaning products are environmentally friendly, sustainable and have no or low toxicity
  • We are constantly educating ourselves on new ways to run a sustainable business and help keep the earth clean and healthy, so if you have any ideas for us, please feel free to let us know.

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