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Originally, 'apothecary' meant "a storehouse for spices, wines and herbs".  Later it came to mean a person who stocked and sold all kinds of herbs for medicine, cosmetics and other uses.

Nearly every civilization has used herbs and plants as medicines to treat everything from pain to infection. Throughout the majority of the last millennium, apothecaries acted as pharmacists, midwives, medical experts and surgeons all rolled into one, customizing each treatment for that particular person. The history of the apothecary brings us back to the knowledge that we are all unique in our being as well and our ailments.

Although we are not chemists or a pharmacy, we use the concept of an apothecary in all of our treatments. We customize each and every treatment to your needs and specifications. We use holistic and organic ingredients and offer these products for sale in our boutique. We are firm believers in the power of nature and strive to bring that power into your hands to help alleviate your discomfort.




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